What To Expect

Our program starts with a complimentary consultation where we can learn more about your specific challenges.

Next we schedule an appointment for a QEEG. This appointment requires about 30 minutes. Before leaving the office, we will schedule a report of findings meeting, which typically lasts for about 1 hour.

Once we have talked through the report of findings, we will create a customized plan that will integrate neurofeedback, metabolic therapy and behavioral counseling, to help alleviate your symptoms.



Dr. Rolnicki was a phenomenal help to my recovery from feeling so different from others. Although I am open about my unique experiences, it only took telling one person about my history in order to feel better and it was her.” –Susan S.

I loved their integrated approach to healing and wellness. They recognized that ADHD had more than one factor. They were able to help us identify all the pieces to the puzzle. We made diet changes, completed the brain training, added some vitamins and supplements. They solution was multifaceted.–Maria N.

The most value (we gained from the process) was that we had hope for our daughter's future. After years of trying different techniques, tutors, tests, medications and diets, we finally found something that gave us positive results.–Janet and John K