The St. Louis Neurotherapy Institute regularly holds informational nights about neurofeedback, ADD/HD, anxiety, sensory integration issues, autism and other topics.

  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Informational Nights 

    • September 7th
    • September 26th
    • October 5th

    All workshops run from 7 – 8:30 p.m. with a question/answer period at the close.
    St. Louis Neurotherapy Institute
    11710 Old Ballas Rd., Suite 205
    Creve Coeur, MO 63141
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    Meet the Team from St. Louis Neurotherapy Institute and learn more about our comprehensive approach to addressing symptoms associated with ADHD. You will learn about our perspective on the interplay between the neurological, metabolic and psychosocial realms and how this multi-pronged approach is unique and effective. The doctor will share case studies that illustrate the power of neurofeedback.
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    The St. Louis Neurotherapy Institute Team is comprised of field area experts who can speak on a diverse range of topics including:

    – Neurotherapy and ADHD
    – Executive Functioning and ADHD

    – Providing Supports for Your ADHD Child