ADHD video with Dr.Rhodes from Jennifer Rhodes on Vimeo.

TV Interview with Dr.Rhodes about Neurotherapy & ADHD from Jennifer Rhodes on Vimeo.

Here is what some of our recent successes have to say:

“I thought this was going to be lame like other stuff we have done. But I’m happy it worked and I didn’t waste all my summer.”
– JR
“I appreciated the comment that the family also had to make behavioral changes as JR went through the process. It gave us all a fresh and involved perspective.”
“I experienced my son becoming more confident, less anxious, more socially engaged in family and new situations, less impulsive and more positive.”
“It was slow, gradual, but consistent improvement.”
“Our interactions have been very positive. Everyone has been attentive to our needs and sensitive to our worries and concerns. I believe the program was customized to best fit my needs, but moreover, JR’s needs.”
– Lisa R
“M was happy, interactive with us, energetic and started taking responsibility with chores. He read a book for the first time in years.”
“Thank you for returning a happy, healthy son to us.”
– Mary A
“I was looking for a commitment from Dr. Jason and Dr. Jen to fix my attention and anxiety. I actually gained more than expected. They taught me how to be aware of my responses and take responsibility for interacting with others.”
“The change I experienced was an understanding of what it takes to control and situation and calm down. I regained my boldness, free-spirit and confidence because I finally had the structured environment I needed to be nurtured.”
– Susan S
“Dr. Jason and Dr. Jen were able to provide more resources, options, information and tools than any pediatric neurologist ever did. We are very impressed with them and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in alternative methods of treating
ADHD and other similar issues. They care and are committed 100%”.
“I loved their integrated approach to healing and wellness. They recognized that ADHD had more than one factor. They were able to help us identify all the pieces to the puzzle. We made diet changes, completed the brain training, added some vitamins
and supplements. They solution was multifaceted.”
“More parents need to know that there are other options. Drs. Jason and Jennifer’s commitment, knowledge and expertise was outstanding.”
– Marcia N
“They are truly concerned about each client, good listeners and invite feedback. I felt they were very open and honest with our situation and expectations.”
“It seemed as if she matured two years in a four month time.”
“She will now take into account what she needs to accomplish on a given day and figure out a schedule. She is much better at time management.”
“The most value (I gained from the process) was that I had hope for LK’s future. After years of trying different techniques, tutors, tests, medications and diets, we finally found something that gave us positive results.”
“You were open and honest with us, not condescending or intimidating. Your care and concern for each patient was very evident and genuine.”
– Janet and John K
“Our son’s anxiety was reduced significantly enough that the teachers commented at conference time. They felt he was much more able to learn because he was not feeling so anxious throughout the day.”
“After about 7 training sessions, we noticed that our son was initiating conversation much more readily than ever before.”
– Leigh and Joe R

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