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We provide a painless, non-invasive way to help alleviate symptoms associated with developmental and neurological disorders facing children and teens using St. Louis ADHD Treatment.

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Our approach can help alleviate the symptoms associated with disorders such as migraine headaches, with migraine therapy and insomnia treatment.

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See how The St. Louis Neurotherapy Institute can help you.

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  • Dr. Jason and Dr. Jen were able to provide more resources, options, information and tools than any pediatric neurologist ever did. We are very impressed with them and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in alternative methods of treating ADHD and other similar issues. They care and are committed 100%.–Marcia N.

  • I experienced my son becoming more confident, less anxious, more socially engaged in family and new situations, less impulsive and more positive.–Lisa R.

  • Our son was happy, interactive with us, energetic and started taking responsibility with chores. He read a book for the first time in years–Mary A.

  • I was looking for a commitment from Dr. Jason and Dr. Jen to fix my attention and anxiety. I actually gained more than expected. They taught me how to be aware of my responses and take responsibility for interacting with others.–Susan S.


Saint Louis Neurotherapy takes pride in taking a team-based, goal oriented approach to address the mental, emotional, and physical areas of each patient.  Using neurotherapy, there is an available drug-free st louis adhd treatment.  Equally comprehensive is the st louis insomnia treatment,  offering a biofeedback approach to understanding the patient’s behavior and biology, while taking a specific approach to alleviating the symptoms.